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Si supiera linkearlo a un mp3...sería un paraíso

Qué lindo encontrar las palabras de otro que pueden hacerse propias siempre, casi siempre.
It might be hard to be lovers, but it's harder to be friends. Baby, pull down the covers, it's time you let me in. Maybe light a couple candles and I'll just go ahead and lock the door.. If you'll just talk to me baby, till we ain't strangers anymore.
Lay your hand on my pillow, i'll sit beside you on the bed. Don't you think it's time we said some things we haven't said. It ain't too late to get back to that place back to what we thought it was before... Why don't you look at me till we ain't strangers anymore
Sometimes it's hard to love me, sometimes it's hard to love you too.. I know it's hard believing that love can pull us through. It would be so easy to live your life with one foot out the door. Just hold me baby till we ain't strangers anymore.
It's hard to find forgiveness when we just turn out the lights. It's hard to say you're sorry when you can't tell wrong from right... It would be so easy to spend your whole damn life just keepin score.
So let's get down to it, baby... there ain't no need to lie: tell me who you think you see when you look into
my eyes. Let's put our two hearts back together and leave the broken pieces on the floor. Make love with me baby, till we ain't strangers anymore.We're not strangers anymore.
Ay, amor.... qué parecido a esto, no?


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